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      1. 客戶服務
        粘度級別:冰點:-10℃ -20℃ -25℃ -30℃ -35℃ -40℃ -45℃

        The membrane passivation techniques and the United States imports of automatic micro-membrane reverse osmosis 38-story water purification process, the effective removal of water, anions and cations to prevent scale formation, effectively improve the efficiency of the cooling system. This product with a purity of 99.99% Polyester grade ethylene glycol and pure water, selection of corrosion-resistant, anti-foam composite made of the antioxidant, anti-rust, cleaning more than 10 kinds of additives.
        Excellent resist corrosion protection, effectively inhibit the electrochemical corrosion of the engine cooling system, effectively extending the life of the cooling system. This product has a good anti-foam properties to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle. Excellent stability of the silicate technology to prevent antifreeze storage and use in the floc formation.
        Scope: applies to all types of cars, commercial vehicles, construction machinery and other water tank cooling system.
        Instructions for use: highly active anti-corrosion, to cleaning the tank scale, do not add water. Recommend using this product throughout the year, to ensure that the vehicle tank cleaning, protect the engine cooling system. 采用離子膜鈍化技術和美國進口全自動微膜反滲透38層水凈化工藝,有效去除水中陰、陽離子,防止水垢生成,有效提高冷卻系統效率。 本品采用純度99.99%的滌綸級乙二醇與純凈水,精選抗腐蝕、抗泡、抗氧化、防銹、除垢等10多種添加劑復合而成。
        適用范圍: 適用于各類轎車、商務車、工程機械等水箱冷卻系統。
        使用說明:具有高效抗腐蝕功能,能夠清洗水箱中的水垢,切勿加入自來水。 建議全年使用本產品,以確保車輛水箱清潔,保護發動機冷卻系統。